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DNS over TLS (Adblocking DNS) Service

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Pernah ngalamin lagi Browsing tiba2 HP jadi panas ?
Banyak Iklan yang muncul pada saat Browsing di HP ?
Mau buka website tertentu taunya kena Blokir ?

Add More Server for DNS Over TLS & HTTPS

Saat ini kami telah menambahkan satu server tambahan untuk menampung Query DNS melalui DNS Over TLS & HTTPS dari DNS SYAIFULLAH

DNS Service ini dicombined dengan fitur Adblock dari Pi-Hole AdBlock Service dan juga Sebagai Crypto Mining Shield, sehingga pengalaman Browsing kita bebas dari Iklan dan juga Script Crypto Mining.

Untuk penggunaan dapat merujuk pada Link Berikut :

Happy Browsing .. 🙂

How to Setup DNS-Over-HTTPS using Pihole


In my previous article/tutorial, I’ve explained how to setup your own DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) server using Nginx, Certbot, and dns-over-https. In this article I’ll explain to you how to add Pi-Hole into the mix to block the unwanted advertising.


Pi-Hole is made of 2 components: a PHP web interface and a DNS server. Both are open-source. The web interface let you add blacklist, whitelist and configure the DNS server. The DNS server is the one doing the heavy lifting, responding to the queries according to its configuration generated by the interface.

The name comes from the lightness of the application, it can run without problem on a raspberry pi in your own network.

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