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DNS over TLS (Adblocking DNS) Service

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Pernah ngalamin lagi Browsing tiba2 HP jadi panas ?
Banyak Iklan yang muncul pada saat Browsing di HP ?
Mau buka website tertentu taunya kena Blokir ?

Review : Eggel Liberty 2 Sport

Baru-baru ini gw beli Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo) dengan merk Vyatta (mungkin nanti akan dibuat reviewnya juga), tapi hasilnya tidak sesuai dengan Kuping.

Setelah gw browsing-browsing tentang TWS untuk mencari yang sesuai dengan Kuping, akhirnya gw liat Video Review di Youtube oleh “Sinfonia Music” dan pada saat itu gadget yang dibahas adalah Eggel Liberty 2 Sport.

Review Adguard Home (DNS Filtering Engine)

Adguard Home adalah sebuah system yang dapat memblokir Ads / Iklan pada suatu website memalui DNS Query.

Pada umumnya fungsi dari Adguard Home hampir sama dengan Pi-Hole, dimana system mempunyai Filter list yang kemudian DNS Server akan melakukan proses filterisasi terhadap domain-domain yang masuk dalam daftar kategory yang terdapat didalam Filter yang sudah kita tentukan.

How to Setup DNS-Over-TLS (DoT)

This guide will help you reuse your setup for DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) to add support for DNS-over-TLS (DoT). The best part ? You won’t need new tools after you’ve followed my previous guides: DNS-over-HTTPS or Pihole and DoH.


DNS-over-TLS (DoT) is different to DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH).

DoH is used in different application like DNScrypt, Intra, etc … In other words, there isn’t any OS implementation of it. You always need a separate app to use it.

DoT is used directly in Android 9 (Pie).

How to Setup DNS-Over-HTTPS using Pihole


In my previous article/tutorial, I’ve explained how to setup your own DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) server using Nginx, Certbot, and dns-over-https. In this article I’ll explain to you how to add Pi-Hole into the mix to block the unwanted advertising.


Pi-Hole is made of 2 components: a PHP web interface and a DNS server. Both are open-source. The web interface let you add blacklist, whitelist and configure the DNS server. The DNS server is the one doing the heavy lifting, responding to the queries according to its configuration generated by the interface.

The name comes from the lightness of the application, it can run without problem on a raspberry pi in your own network.

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