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Install Letsencrypt SSL into Pi-Hole Server

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Create A hostname record in your domain

We should create A Hostname Record in your Domain Panel, for example of mine, i add a hostname record on Cloudflare

I use Ubuntu 16.04 to install Pihole and here the steps to install Letsencrypt into the box

[email protected]:~# apt-get install letsencrypt

After install Letsencrypt into the box, you can continue the steps below

Certificates will be issued by Let’s Encrypt using Certbot.

  1. Open up a root shell and make sure you’re in root’s home (probably /root).
  2. Go to the Certbot page and tell them you’re using none of the above (Pihole uses lighttpd). Select your OS. If you’re using Raspbian, choose Debian (other). (Raspbian doesn’t have jessie-backports, which are the instructions you get if you choose Debian 8)
  3. Go ahead and run the wget and chmod commands the website gives you.
  4. letsencrypt certonly --webroot -w /var/www/html -d example.com --dry-run replacing example.com with your domain. You can use -d multiple times if you have multiple domains (like www.example.com and example.com). This’ll take a while the first time as it installs all the bits and pieces it needs.
  5. Did everything look good? If it issued a certificate, great! If not, don’t proceed until you fix whatever went wrong. Odds are it failed to validate… you are using a real domain name, one the letsencrypt servers can resolve, right?
  6. Run the command again, this time without --dry-run so you get a real certificate.
  7. Edit /etc/lighttpd/conf.available/10-ssl.conf setting ssl.pemfile = "/etc/letsencrypt/live/example.com/combined.pem" and ssl.ca-file = "/etc/letsencrypt/live/example.com/chain.pem". Again, replace example.com with your domain.
  8. ln -s /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/10-ssl.conf /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/10-ssl.conf
  9. cd /etc/letsencrypt/live/example.com/ and cat privkey.pem cert.pem > combined.pem
  10. systemctl restart lighttpd
  11. If I didn’t forget any [more] steps, it should be working. Now, let’s automate renewals since Let’s Encrypt certificates are only good for 90 days.
  12. Add the following to the end of /etc/crontab (it’s one long line), replacing the first number with a random number between 0 and 59, and the second number with the hour you want the renew to happen.
47 5 * * * root /root/certbot-auto renew --quiet --no-self-upgrade --renew-hook "cat $RENEWED_LINEAGE/privkey.pem $RENEWED_LINEAGE/cert.pem > $RENEWED_LINEAGE/combined.pem;systemctl reload-or-try-restart lighttpd"

Original Post from Reddit

How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS admin page

Open files lighttpd via Command Line (console)


Tambahkan syntax berikut

compress.cache-dir = "/var/cache/lighttpd/compress/"
compress.filetype = ( "application/javascript", "text/css", "text/html", "text/plain" )
# [add after the syntax above]
# Redirect HTTP to HTTPS
$HTTP["scheme"] == "http" {
 $HTTP["host"] =~ ".*" {
 url.redirect = (".*" => "https://%0$0")

Restart lighttpd Service

service lighttpd restart


Bypass DNS Leak ISP di Indonesia


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  1. Aaron

    Hi Achmad, thank you for this well written guide. Many other sites skip steps or assume certain things have already been installed.

    Two minor points, both relate to step 7:

    – The “conf.available” in the path given should read “conf-available”
    – ssl.ca-file is no longer included in 10-ssl.conf so this reference can be removed.

    I’d also like to suggest an improvement. Rather than editing /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf you can simply add the lines “# Redirect HTTP to HTTPS” and below to /etc/lighttpd/external.conf instead to avoid it being overwritten by an update.

    • Achmad

      Hi Aron,

      Thanks for stop by and correction at “conf-available” and also your suggest for improvement 🙂

  2. Jon

    Hi Achmed,

    I noticed a typo at Let’s Encrypt step 7.

    Edit /etc/lighttpd/conf.available/10-ssl.conf should read,

    Edit /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/10-ssl.conf

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